Lifetime Tenured Criminal Intelligence Certified Analyst

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Lifetime Tenured Criminal Intelligence Certified Analyst is an honorary tier awarded under special circumstances to those individuals who have held the Lifetime CICA certification, but subsequently retired from their full-time criminal intelligence or analysis position.
·         There is no fee required to apply for this honorary status
·         The applicant must apply in writing to the Certification Manager
·         The applicant must hold a current Lifetime CICA certification
·         The applicant must provide documentation that he/she has entered into an official retirement status from his/her employing agency/organization
·         Continuous IALEIA membership for a minimum of ten (10) years is required
·         IALEIA membership does not need to be maintained to retain this honorary status

Lifetime Tenured CICA – Criteria

If at some point after having been awarded the Lifetime CICA certification, the individual “officially” retires from his/her employing organization, and does not engage in further employment in an analytical capacity, he/she may apply for a special award of Lifetime Tenured CICA. Lifetime Tenured CICA is an honorary status that may be bestowed, upon request, to an applicant by the Director of Professional Development. There is no fee for this award and it does not require any further action on the part of the recipient.

Lifetime Tenured CICA – Renewal

An individual who holds the Lifetime Tenured CICA is considered to have entered a
retired status in terms of analytic employment and is, therefore not required to engage in any renewal actions, or maintain his/her IALEIA membership in order to retain this honorary status.