2013 Awards

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2013 IALEIA Awards (Chicago, Illinois)

Category 1C - To the organization making the most significant progress utilizing intelligence analytical techniques to support law enforcement objectives: National/International Level


The Organized Crime Drug Enforcement Task Force (OCDETF) Fusion Center

(United States)


Jill Paterson – Stephen E. Murphy -- Jenny Johnstone

[Director Stephen Murphy accepted the award for The Organized Crime Drug Enforcement Task Force

(OCDETF) Fusion Center]


The OCDETF Fusion Center is a critical part of the U.S. Attorney General’s counter-narcotics strategy. The center plays a crucial role in the disruption and dismantling of criminal organizations engaged in drug trafficking, organized crime, and money laundering posing the most significant security threat to the United Sates. It is also the centerpiece of an operational intelligence strategy by conducting cross-agency and cross-jurisdictional analysis of integrated drug and financial information. During 2012, the OCDETF Fusion Center produced 3,029 intelligence products focusing on more than 14,000 targets for investigators.


Category 2 – To individuals for outstanding contributions as intelligence analysts to the achievement of law enforcement objectives (six awards were granted).


Mr. Brendan Goffin

(Suffolk Constabulary, United Kingdom)


Jill Paterson – Brendan Goffin -- Jenny Johnstone


Mr. Brendan Goffin was instrumental in addressing a series of criminal, social, and health issues impacting the Ipswich town center. His analysis and presentation of findings to law enforcement and community partners impacted the community at the strategic and tactical levels. His analysis was critical in reducing calls for service by 31 percent and resulted in a significant change in police management processes.


Mr. Krystian Wojciechowski


Mr. Waclaw Wojcik

(Regional Police Headquarters, Gdansk, Poland)


Jill Paterson – Krystian Wojciechowski -- Jenny Johnstone

[Krystian Wojciechowski also accepted for Waclaw Wojcik


Mr. Krystian Wojciechowski and Mr. Waclaw Wojcik collaborated on the theft of a truckload of electronic and large screen televisions similar to a series of other thefts. They successfully integrated analytical techniques into both the investigative and intelligence functions to identify the offenders. They combined surveillance, GPS tracking, telephone and internet traffic interception, and informants to identify the suspects, which resulted in their arrests and convictions.



Ms. Shayla Burris

Kentucky State Police

(United States)


Jill Paterson -- Shayla Burris -- Jenny Johnstone


Ms. Shayla Burris was assigned to assist prosecutors and investigators in reviving a 1998 arson case that resulted in the death of one student and the injury of several others at Murray State University. As a result of her innovative use of analysis, Ms. Burris was the first analyst in the history of Kentucky to testify before a grand jury and to sit at the prosecutor’s table during the trial. In the trial, her analytical experience and expertise assisted the prosecutor with direct and cross examinations during the trial. The suspect accepted a plea agreement.


Mr. Adrian Moyen

Police Service of Northern Ireland

(United Kingdom)


Jill Paterson – Adrian Moyen -- Jenny Johnstone


Mr. Adrian Moyen assisted in targeting an area with significant increase in burglaries. Using several analytical and statistical methodologies, he performed hotspot and predictive analysis to identify where and when future crimes would be committed. Mr. Moyen is the first analyst in the Police Service of Northern Ireland to perform this type of analysis. Police resources were directed to the areas he identified. Mr. Moyen’s analysis directly resulted in a significant reduction of burglaries and the arrest of several prolific burglars.


Mr. Brandon Cameron

North Carolina State Bureau of Investigation

(United States)


Jill Paterson – Brandon Cameron -- Jenny Johnstone


Mr. Brandon Cameron was instrumental in the development and dissemination of strategic analytical products detailing Mexican drug cartels and trafficking organizations operating in North Carolina. His products identified the cartel alliances and identifiers within North Carolina and how that is impacted by immigration, money laundering, and cartel run businesses. He also identified intelligence gaps and further information needed to improve methods to combat cartels operating in North Carolina.


Category 3 To the executive or supervisor for outstanding support and recognition of the intelligence analysis function.


Mr. Marek Slizak

National Police Headquarters



Marek Slizak – Radek Ostoja Domoradski - Krystian Wojciechowski


Mr. Marek Slizak is the head of the Criminal Intelligence Bureau for the National Police Headquarters in Warsaw, Poland. He was crucial in the development and implementation of analytical training in the Polish Police Academy and the creation of the Criminal Intelligence Bureau. He also co-authored a book on intelligence analysis and analytical training in Poland. In his position as head of the Criminal Intelligence Bureau, Mr. Slizak continuously promotes the use of analysis as an investigative tool, and also serves as an intelligence instructor.


2013 Special Recognition Award

Jeremy Carter, Ph.D.

Editor, IALEIA Journal


Jenny Johnstone – Jeremy Carter


In Grateful Appreciation of your Outstanding Leadership, Professionalism, and Contributions as Editor of the IALEIA Journal, and on Behalf of the Board of Directors of the International Association of Law Enforcement Intelligence Analysts.

2013 President’s Award


Colonel Jorge Luis Vargas Valencia

National Police of Colombia


Jenny Johnstone – Jorge Luis Vargas Valencia


For exemplary service as Director of the Intelligence Directorate of the National Police (DIPOL) by developing an intelligence doctrine based on: strategic analysis to strengthen scientific methods, analytical research, innovation, interagency cooperation, and technological development; and for supporting professionalism through the IALEIA Chapter in Colombia.