2011 Awards

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2011 IALEIA Awards (Nashville, Tennessee)

 Category 1A - To the organization making the most significant progress utilizing intelligence analytical techniques to support law enforcement objectives: National/International Level.


Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms, and Explosives

New Orleans Field Division, Field Intelligence Group (United States)

2011 1a ATF

Ed Feingold – Michael Eddington – Ritchie Martinez


The Field Intelligence Group provided intelligence support to an investigation of the detonation of an improvised explosive device more than 400 miles from their office. The investigation, a classic example of intelligence led-policing generated 597 leads and 117 written reports. As a result of the work of the Field Intelligence Group, the defendants were found guilty on charges ranging from Weapons of Mass Destruction to possession of 98 unregistered grenades.



Category 1B. To the organization making the most significant progress utilizing intelligence analytical techniques to support law enforcement objectives: Regional/State/Province Level. 

Peel Regional Police, Traffic Services Department (Canada)

Mr. Mick Sachdeva     SSgt. Todd Ruston     Inspector Robert Orr

2011 Peel Sachdeva

Ed Feingold – Mick Sachdeva – Ritchie Martinez 

Mr. Sachdeva, SSgt. Ruston, and Inspector Orr’s actions and leads transformed the unit from a grassroots-based unit into a fully integrated intelligence-driven unit. Leveraging analytical software from Excel to GIS, and instilling business processes on the intelligence cycle, they successfully implemented change by integrating technology and data analysis to develop an in-house algorithm providing proactive analysis on areas of concern. Data was feedback to continue the intelligence cycle. 




Category 2. To individuals for outstanding contributions as intelligence analysts to the achievement of law enforcement objectives (four awards were granted)

Mr. W.J. (Bill) Imray, TD Bank Financial Group, Global Security & Investigations (Canada)

2011 Imray

Ed Feingold – Bill Imray – Ritchie Martinez


Mr. Imray increased the flow of intelligence through the Centralized Intelligence Unit which directly led to a number of multi-financial institutions’ offenses linked to organized crime groups. Using predictive analysis techniques to recover devices attached to ABM machines and intelligence gathered led to the recovery of a lab/device factory with over 100 ABM overlay devices to copy customer information. 


Ms. Stephanie Herzer, Regional Organized Crime Information Center (United States)

2011 Herzer

Ed Feingold – Stephanie Herzer – Ritchie Martinez


Ms. Herzer was instrumental in her support during the investigation into the murder of Chief Verlon Lemaster of Grant, Alabama. According to the Office of the District Attorney, Twenty-Seventh Judicial Circuit, Ms. Herzer scoured through several thousand pages of manuscripts, multiple videos and summaries of additional evidence. Ms. Herzer developed documents and charts which led to guilty verdicts for two juveniles who were sentenced to life without parole.


Ms. Aimee Reed, Metropolitan Police Service, London (United Kingdom)

2011 Reed

Ed Feingold – Aimee Reed – Ritchie Martinez

 The Metropolitan Police Service uses a myriad of intercepted material, signals intelligence, human intelligence and other covert methodology in fighting organized crime. Ms. Reed compiled a comprehensive business model establishing a research and analysis team within the covert environment for tactical delivery of new operations and strategic planning. Ms. Reed has driven forward a vision of truly intelligence led, evidence based tasking in the arena of covert policing.


Ms. Joy Caws, Warwickshire Police (United Kingdom)

2011 Caws

Ed Feingold – Joy Caws – Ritchie Martinez


Ms. Caws was the analyst deployed to Operation Budapest, the shooting of a Hells Angels member in Warwickshire. The investigation attracted international attention and resulted in the convictions of several members of the Coventry and Warwickshire Outlaws for murder. Ms. Caws used her expertise in phone data analysis and geo spatial analysis in order to provide complex visual analytical products. More importantly, the role Ms. Caws played in steering the investigation and ensuring its successful conclusion was proof analysis was placed at the heart of major investigative work.