2010 Awards

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2010 IALEIA Awards (Orlando, Florida)

Category 1A. For the organization making the most significant progress utilizing intelligence analytical techniques to support law enforcement objectives: National/International Level.

National Drug Intelligence Center DOMEX Program (United States) 2010 1A NDIC

Ed Feingold –- Betty Irvine – Ritchie Martinez

NDIC’s DOMEX Program leads the field in providing real-time, comprehensive analysis of seized evidence to allow law enforcement to exploit the leads developed from their seizures; and develop additional evidence leading to significant disruption or dismantlement of drug trafficking organizations.



Category 1B. For the organization making the most significant progress utilizing intelligence analytical techniques to support law enforcement objectives: Regional/State/Province Level.

Regional Organized Crime Information Center ROCIC Gang Report 2009 (United States)

2010 1B ROCIC

Ed Feingold – Betty Shoemaker – Ritchie Martinez

The ROCIC Gang Report covering 14 southeastern states, the U.S. Virgin Islands, and Puerto Rico, was distributed to 1,925 member agencies. Based on this report, Charleston, South Carolina, identified gang hand symbols and colors to charge an alleged 18th Street gang member under the Gang Intimidation Law.



Category 2. For individuals for outstanding contributions as intelligence analysts to the achievement of law enforcement objectives. Six awards were granted.


Ms. Robyn Arias, Westchester Intelligence Center (United States)

2010 2 Arias

Ed Feingold-- Robyn Arias-- Ritchie Martinez

For Ms. Arias’ analytical skills in support of property crimes at Best Buy stores in the New York metropolitan area. These seemingly unrelated property offenses, once analyzed by Robyn, would expand to thirty-nine burglaries in multiple states with a value in the hundreds of thousands of dollars.

Ms. Connie Bearer, National Drug Intelligence Center (United States)

2010 2 Bearor

Ed Feingold -- Connie Bearer -- Ritchie Martinez

For Ms. Bearer’s strategic assessment of the threat of the diversion of controlled prescription drugs, a project requested by the Office of National Drug Control Policy. Ms. Bearer’s final product provides a comprehensive and complete assessment of the abuse of controlled substances in the United States.

Ms. Elizabeth James, Lancastershire Constabulary (United Kingdom)

2010 2 James

Ed Feingold -- Elizabeth James -- Ritchie Martinez

For Ms. James’ diligence and professional skills in analyzing a criminal case of a serial obscene phone calls targeting children and the elderly by either directly threatening to kidnap and rape the victim or saying a member of their family had been kidnapped and would be raped if they did not comply with his demands. The perpetrator was sentenced to four years imprisonment. Ms. James is the current recipient of the 2009 Association of Crime and Intelligence Analysts award for Individual Excellence.

Mr. Ryan Prox, Vancouver Police Department (Canada)

2010 2 Prox

Ed Feingold -- Ryan Prox -- Ritchie Martinez

The success of the Consolidated Records and Intelligence Mining Environment (CRIME) project was a result of management’s actualization Mr. Prox’s vision to create a new model for policing to break down systemic barriers utilizing a seamless intelligence and crime analysis system. The Crime project greatly enhanced the Vancouver Police Department’s analysis and intelligence capability.



Dr. Jerry Ratcliffe, Professor of Criminal Justice, Temple University (United States)2010 Ratcliffe book

Ed Feingold -- Jerry Ratcliffe -- Ritchie Martinez

Dr. Ratcliffe’s book on intelligence led policing placed that phrase into a real framework for radically advancing more effective police and intelligence practices. The book challenges the current paradigm of traditional law enforcement and policing by indicating the old ways do not work well. Dr. Ratcliffe has devoted considerable time and energy to be a change agent in a world highly resistant to change.

Mr. Kevin McDonough (MAGCLOCLEN), Mr. Jeremy Scheetz (ATF), Mr. Michael Will (ATF) (U.S.)

2010 Magloclen and ATF

Ed Feingold -- Michael Will -- Jeremy Scheetz -- Kevin McDonough -- Ritchie Martinez

Mr. Will, Mr. Scheetz, and Mr. McDonough assessed the Hells Angels Motorcycle Club focusing on the states in the MAGCLOCLEN region. This assessment was geared towards the officer-in-the-street to provide a better understanding of the dynamics of the Hells Angels organization. The commentary provides an accurate picture of activities, strengths, and vulnerabilities, with both organization and location aspects. This product is capable of driving operations, strategy, and policy.



Category 3. To a law enforcement executive for outstanding support and recognition of the intelligence analysis function:

Arthur A. Doty, Drug Enforcement Administration

Director, El Paso Intelligence Center (EPIC) (United States)

2010 Doty

Ritchie Martinez -- Arthur Doty

The following excerpts, from an article in the December 2009 Police Chief Magazine, provide an accurate description not only of the work done by the men and women assigned to EPIC, but also of the impact their support provides to law enforcement officers across the United States under the leadership of Director Doty. “Hundreds of special agents, intelligence analysts, computer and communications specialists, translators, technology experts, and support staff sift through complex, seemingly unrelated pieces of information. Fashioning useful intelligence by tying together the available data, the whole staff works to build probable cause for the apprehensions, asset seizures, indictments, and arrests of entire criminal organizations and their networks, thereby demolishing them. No other agency in the United States provides this kind of real-time tactical support to the law enforcement community with such a wide range of simultaneous database queries.”

IALEIA President’s Award for Excellence, Institute for Intergovernmental Research (IIR)

2010 IIR

Doug Bodrero -- Ritchie Martinez -- Bob Cummings