2009 Awards

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2009 IALEIA Awards (Las Vegas, Nevada)


Category 1A. For the organization making the most significant progress utilizing intelligence analytical techniques to support law enforcement objectives at the National/International Level.


Canadian Bankers Association, Central Financial Crimes Intelligence Unit (Canada)

Mr. Bill Crate             Mr. Les Stevens             Ms. Ann Stevens

Mr. Alan Zunder             Ms. Lyn Hemingway


For their reports on ABM/ATM card fraud crime hotspots, which includes crime mapping, link analysis, day of week matrices and predictive analysis on next target locations. Their analysis and information led to numerous arrests.



Category 2. For individuals for outstanding contributions as intelligence analysts to the achievement of law enforcement objectives. Five awards were granted.


Mr. Sean Barry, New England State Police Information Network (United States)


For Mr. Barry’s analytical skills in support of a Massachusetts/United Kingdom homicide case of a mother and her nine-month old daughter, which attracted a national and international audience. Mr. Barry provided three case summary reports, 55 charts/graphs and 75 analytical reports.



Sr. Jesus Garcia-Velazquez, Mexico City Police (Mexico)


As the Head of Mexico City’s Police Analysis Unit, Sr. Garcia-Velazquez’ research and analysis on fraudulent documents, including birth certificates and passports, led to the arrest of the gang responsible. His analysis included numerous telephone number link charts, link charts on written messages, and links to prison facilities.



Ms. Ann Stevens, Branford Police Service (Canada)


As the crime analyst for the Brantford Police Service, Ms. Stevens provided threat assessments on issues affecting the First Nations and a Subject of Interest Report concerning an outlaw biker group.



Ms. Lisa Arcurio (United States)


For her Threat Assessment on Drugs focusing on Indian Country, Ms. Arcurio included regional perspectives, identified intelligence gaps, and discussed distribution and transportation routes.



Ms. Nancy Lambert, Ms. Kristin Hazenstab, United States Secret Service (United States)


For Ms. Lambert and Ms. Hazenstab’s analytical work on Operation Carder Kaos, a three-year investigation by the U.S. Secret Service. The case began as a large-scale credit card fraud, but ended up as one of the largest computer hacking cases in the United States. A total of eleven individuals from five different countries were indicted with fraudulent losses totaling millions of dollars.


IALEIA President’s Award for Excellence

IALEIA/LEIU Foundations of Intelligence Analysis Training (FIAT) Program


Thomas Nowak, United States Secret Service, FIAT Program Manager

Bob Morehouse, LEIU, FIAT Treasurer

Jonathan Alston, Edmonton Police Service

Paul Clydesdale, Canada Border Services Agency

Elise Dekoschak, Arizona Department of Public Safety*

Shelagh Dorn, New York State Police*

Jill Paterson, Vancouver Police Department

Jason Elder, Cincinnati Police Department

Heidie Firth, Canada Border Services Agency*

William “Terry” Flanagan, Mohave County Attorney's Office

Adrienne Garrett-Anderson, Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms, and Explosives

Brian Gray, Riverside County Sheriff's Department

Shannon Heigle, Federal Bureau of Investigation

Richard Jackson, Royal Canadian Mounted Police

Elizabeth Johnson, Federal Bureau of Investigation

Melissa Johnson, New Jersey Department of Corrections

Jenny Johnstone, Royal Canadian Mounted Police

Robert Karraker, Macaulay Brown, Inc.

Cynthia Konecny, King County Sheriff's Office

James Lewis, National Drug Intelligence Center

Michael Logsdon, Federal Bureau of Investigation

Kristi Manzi, SM & C Sciences, Inc.

Kathy Martinjak, United States Postal Inspection Service

David McClocklin, Ontario Provincial Police

Lynn McCloskey, Illinois State Police

Marcel Neefe, EUROPOL

Richard Niebusch, Snohomish County Sheriff's Department

Deborah Osborne, Consultant

Radoslaw Ostoja-Domaradzki, EUROPOL

Robert Page Sr., Milwaukee HIDTA

Edward Polachek, Milwaukee HIDTA*

John Schneider, Pennsylvania State Police

Jeff Sharon, California Department of Justice

Michelle Shaw, Tucson Police Department

Tony White, Federal Bureau of Investigation


*Program Administrators