2008 Awards

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2008 IALEIA Awards (Boston, Massachusetts)

 Category 1A. For the organization making the most significant progress utilizing intelligence analytical techniques to support law enforcement objectives at the National/International Level.



 2008 awards 1A Europol

Ed Feingold – Olivier Merlan – Lisa Palmieri

OASIS Deployment Manager


Project OASIS provided the integration of intelligence functions into investigative operations and included remote access capability outside of EUROPOL HQ.


Category 1B. For the organization making the most significant progress utilizing intelligence analytical techniques to support law enforcement objectives at the State/Province Level.


East Coast Gang Investigators Association (United States)

 2008 awards 1B ECGIA

Ed Feingold – Melissa Johnson – Lisa Palmieri


The Association provides the exchange of gang intelligence, conferences, training, and reference materials to bring together gang investigators and analysts to identify and target violent gangs.



Category 2. For individuals for outstanding contributions as intelligence analysts to the achievement of law enforcement objectives. Six awards were granted.


Ms. Deborah Osborne (United States)

 2008 awards 2 Osborne

Ed Feingold – Deborah Osborne – Lisa Palmieri


For Ms. Osborne’s book, Out of Bounds: Innovation and Change in Law Enforcement Intelligence Analysis, used by state and city police academies across the U.S., as an excellent reference tool and discussion of the gap between federal intelligence agencies and state and local law enforcement.




Dra. Elena Jeannetti-Davila (México)

 2008 awards 2 davila

Ed Feingold – Dra. Elena Jeannetti-Davila – Lisa Palmieri


For Dra. Jeannetti-Davila’s book, New Intelligence and National Security Systems for Mexico, which supports a proposal for Mexico to create a new intelligence community because of the ever changing intelligence environment and the need for Mexico to face the challenges of a new century within the context of achievements and vulnerabilities.



Ms. Colleen McGahan (United States)

 2008 awards 2 mcgahan

Ed Feingold – Colleen McGahan – Lisa Palmieri


For Ms. McGahan’s intelligence report targeting the Blood street gang from inception to current organizational structure, criminal activities, trends, rivalries, and threats to law enforcement which provides an excellent reference for deciphering hand signs and coded writing and language.



Dr. Victoria Baines (United Kingdom)

2008 awards 2 baines 

Ed Feingold – Dr. Victoria Baines – Lisa Palmieri


For Dr. Victoria Baines’ production of the first National Strategic Threat Assessment on serious sex offences based on comparative analysis of sex offenders’ with the goal of making every child matter…everywhere.





Mr. Jan Klima (Poland)

2008 awards 2 klima 

Ed Feingold – Jan Klima – Lisa Palmieri


For Mr. Klima’s, contribution, along with his colleagues, Adam BIL, Elzbieta MIS, Marta RACHON and Jacek KLUZ, for their analytical work in solving a brutal double murder investigation by using various analytical techniques, research, and relentless determination to bring the killers to justice.



Ms. LeeAnn Kwait, MAGLOCLEN (United States)

(Unable to attend Award Ceremony)


For Ms. Kwait’s threat assessment on the use of electronic evidence in support of law enforcement investigations and her analysis of these data collection techniques which provides law enforcement an excellent reference tool and the knowledge necessary to further investigations.



Category 3. To a law enforcement executive for outstanding support and recognition of the intelligence analysis function.



Colonel Bart R. Johnson (United States)

Deputy Superintendent, New York State Police

(Unable to attend Award Ceremony)


For his career involvement in State Intelligence which included the establishment of the Office of Counter Terrorism, the New York State Intelligence Center and his continued service to the field of intelligence by working for the Office of the Director of National Intelligence as the Director for Homeland Security and Law Enforcement.



IALEIA President’s Award for Excellence


Pete Modafferi

 2008 awards pres Modaffari

Pete Modafferi – Lisa Palmieri