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FIAT Instructors

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The Foundations of Intelligence Analyst Training (FIAT) program is accepting applications for new instructors to deliver the benchmark training program of IALEIA and LEIU. Due to the high demand we are experiencing for classes, we are looking for 20 new instructors. 

New instructors will be trained during an actual FIAT class by an experienced qualified FIAT instructor. At this time, we are only accepting applications from analysts in North America.

Minimum Requirements:

• A member in good standing for one year or more with IALEIA or LEIU,

• Employed as a law enforcement intelligence analyst, military intelligence analyst, or in private sector as a security analyst (retail loss, security specialist in banking, credit cards) for a minimum of five years,

• Able to pass a security background to enter host agency locations (i.e. criminal records check, clean driver’s abstract in order to rent vehicles),

• Documentation on agency letterhead stating that your immediate supervisor has supported your request and will support your commitment to volunteer to teach one class a year for IALEIA/LEIU,

• Applicants with prior teaching experience with adults and/or delivery of their agency/employer training will be given preference; such experience should be documented by the immediate supervisor and provided as part of the application.

Complete the online application available at: or

Include your resume and provide your supervisor’s comments on agency letterhead that you meet the basic requirements--detailing additional training skills.

FIAT instruction is on a purely volunteer basis. Travel and related expenses for the training classes and FIATs will be reimbursed by the IALEIA and LEIU associations. Many instructors are rewarded by their home agencies with paid leave to contribute and share their expertise with other analysts. The shared experience is two-way. The contributing agency is investing in their analyst and helping them to grow into a recognized subject matter expert.

All requested applications must be scanned as a PDF and sent to the attention of: FIAT Manager at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. 

The Subject Line: IDP Application (your name)

• Scan 1 – online application

• Scan 2 – agency letterhead and supervisory permission and contact information

• Scan 3 – resume

• Scan 4 – supporting documents i.e. previous student of a FIAT course, educational documentation, and any commendation letters.